Flexible-Stretchable Body Sensor Development Using Geometric Patterning (Printed Electronics USA 2013)

Mr Duncan Boyce, Business Development
Infinite Corridor Technology
United States
Nov 21, 2013.


Infinite Corridor Technology (Mr Duncan Boyce) - Audio Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Infinite Corridor Technology (ICT), www.ict-flex.com has developed a technology for flexible-stretchable, body-attachable electronics by incorporating novel geometric patterning into conventional flex substrates. The basis of our technology is to create zones of very low strain where electronic components can be placed and interconnecting these regions with zones that permit stretching, increased bending flexibility and twisting. Our unique interconnect designs work with both standard copper traces and printed circuits. The net result is a conformable electronics substrate with conventional, widely-available components that enables flexible-stretchable electronics systems.
ICT presents the development of two body-attachable systems; the first one is the size and flexibility of a small adhesive bandage and is designed to measure concussive and sub-concussive head impacts. The system is designed for use by youth athletes and monitored by parents via smart phone or computer. The component selection, the design process to achieve the stretchability and flexibility, the software development, the fabrication, assembly and system integration and system test are described.
The second application, jointly developed with Stanford University is a 4mm x 4mm sensor to measure the electro-mechanical coupling of cardiomyocyte cells. Analysis and test results show the system can experience thousands of cycles of macroscopic stretch up to 15% while the system remains fully functional with no out-of-plane deformation.