Flexible Supercapacitor Based on Carbon Nanotube Sheets (Supercapacitors USA 2012)

Prof Seon Jeong Kim,
Hanyang University
Nov 08, 2012.

Presentation Summary

• Hybrid nanomembrane
• Volumetric capacitance at high scan rate(100V/s)

Speaker Biography (Seon Jeong Kim)

Seon Jeong Kim is a professor of Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea and Director of National Creative Research Initiative Center for Bio-Artificial Muscle. Prof. Kim has worked bio-artificial muscle as a biomimetic system; the fabrication of materials for bio-artificial muscles that can be driven by a low-power supply, the drive of bio-artificial muscle with energy power-sources such as enzymatic bio-fuel cell, supercapacitor and energy harvesting, and the investigation into bio-artificial muscle system that can control the contraction and relaxation of bio-artificial muscle using bio-information.

Company Profile (Hanyang University)

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Hanyang University was founded in 1939. It is ranked 4th in the number of CEO's at the top 100 Korean companies and 5th in Korea by number of SCI citations.
Seed lab (Superconductivity, Electrical material & Energy storage Device lab) was established in 2009. Superconductivity research area includes improving and stabilizing superconductor levitation. Current researches on piezoelectricity include "Water Energy Scavenging Technology using Piezoelectric Harvesting" and "Development of piezoelectric harvesting system for application of train".
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