Functional Conductive Film for Flexible Display and R2R Coating Process (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Dr Nizamidin Jappar, R&D Division Manager
Kimoto Tech Inc.
United States
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Kimoto Tech Inc.*

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Presentation Summary

The ideal transparent electrode; conductive polymer (CP) coated film, and conductive silver nano-particle (AgNP's) coated film, and conductive silver nano wire (AgNW) coated film for flexible displays has been produced at lower cost, lower resistivity, higher transmittance and with improved flexibility property at the Kimoto (KMT) by using roll-to-roll process. Furthermore, Kimoto tech Inc. (KTI) has developed a flexible and robust conductive film by using a simple and effective method, and achieved a highly conductive UV hard coating / silver nano wire, and silver nano-particle / conductive polymer composite mesh with excellent optical transparency and mechanical properties. This is achieved via applying thinner UV hard coating, or PEDOT:PSS solutions sequentially to treat AgNP's films (or AgNW film), resulting in UV hard coating AgNW or AgNP / PEDOT:PSS composites. Thin films coated from this composite possess excellent mechanical, electric and optical properties.
Kimoto's coating technology improves flexible conductive films by supplementing with consistent high electric conductivity, high transparency, excellent abrasion resistance, and weather ability. KTI adds value and functionality by applying a variety of proprietary coatings to plastic substrates on one or both sides.

Speaker Biography (Nizamidin Jappar)

Graduate M.S. in Chemical Engineering at University of Tokyo in 1995
Graduate Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at University of Tokyo in 1998
Joint Kimoto Tech in 2004 as a senior chemist
General Manager of R&D from 2008 - Present at the Kimoto tech
Board of Director 2009 - Present at the Kimoto tech
Main responsibility: Research & Development, and Manufacturing

Company Profile (Kimoto Tech, Inc)

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Kimoto Tech is an industry leader in the research, development and application of functional surface coatings via a roll-to-roll process on a wide range of flexible substrates. Our technology platforms include, protective coatings (hardcoats), diffusion coatings (illumination), adhesive coatings (PSA's), specialty coatings (ITO alternatives), and customer created multi-layer combinations (custom). Kimoto Tech is proud to introduce the new optical grade coating line (class 1,000) in Cedartown, GA. Please visit our booth for details.
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