Fundamental Design and Practical Considerations En Route to High-Performance Aqueous Asymmetric Electrochemical Capacitors (Supercapacitors USA 2012)

Dr Megan B Sassin, Research Chemist
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
United States
Nov 07, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • Carbon nanofoam electrode platforms
  • Electroless deposition of nanoscale conformal coatings of metal oxides on carbon nanofoams
  • Prototype aqueous asymmetric ECs: (+)MnOxLi2SO4FeOx(-)

Speaker Biography (Megan B Sassin)

Megan B. Sassin received her B.S. in Chemistry from Southwestern University (Georgetown, TX) in 2001 and subsequently earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine in 2007. Dr. Sassin joined the Advanced Electrochemical Materials section of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. as an NRC postdoctoral fellow in 2008, working with Dr. Jeffrey W. Long, and was hired as a Karle Fellow and staff scientist in 2010. In 2012, Dr. Sassin received the Rising Star award from the Women Chemists Committee of the American Chemical Society for her work on new multifunctional electrode structures that enhance the performance of electrochemical capacitors, specifically those that use safe, low-cost aqueous electrolytes. Her present research interests are centered on optimizing the 3D electrode architecture concept for next-generation electrochemical energy-storage devices.

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