Generation 2 EPC tags

Mr Todd Humes, CTO
Impinj, United States


Impinj presentation - updated 5 July*
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Presentation Summary

  • The importance of Gen 2 EPC
  • Performance results
  • Our technology

Speaker CV

Mr. Humes brings 18 years of engineering and management experience to Impinj, most recently as Product Line Manager for frequency synthesizers and Manager of the Synthesizer and Demodulator Department, both at TRW, Inc. He has managed numerous leading-edge technology developments, including a 12.8 Gbps optical demodulator and bit synchronizer and a 5.5 GHz phase-locked loop (jointly with Dr. Diorio). Mr. Humes earned his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Caltech in 1989, and is a TRW Chairman's Award winner for innovation.

Company Profile

Impinj, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company whose patented Self-Adaptive Silicon® technology enables its two synergistic business lines: high performance RFID products and cost-effective semiconductor intellectual property (SIP). Impinj's semiconductor chips power high performance, enhanced-functionality RFID systems that fulfill the global mandates promulgated by the consumer packaged goods and retailing industries. The company is a leading contributor to the emerging RFID standards for high volume supply-chain applications worldwide and in April 2004, introduced ZumaRFID™, the world's first RFID tag with long range, field-rewritability. Impinj's innovative SIP products, core to the company's RFID tags, are licensed to leading semiconductor companies worldwide allowing them to cost-effectively integrate crucial nonvolatile memory (NVM) alongside analog and digital functionality on a single chip. Impinj's SIP products include the popular AEON™ memory, the world's first rewritable NVM technology compatible with logic CMOS manufacturing.
Founders, Dr. Carver Mead and Dr. Chris Diorio, pioneered and hold numerous on the company's core technology. Dr. Mead was awarded the National Medal of Technology in 2003 and has founded more than twenty companies in his professional career. Gordon Moore, Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation said "Carver has demonstrated a unique ability to identify areas of developing importance in electronics and to jump in at the right time to accelerate progress."
Impinj, founded in May 2000, is privately held and has raised over $50 Million in funding. Investors include ARCH Venture Partners, Madrona Venture Group, Mobius Venture Capital, Polaris Venture Partners, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, and Unilever Technology Ventures. The company maintains offices in Seattle, Washington and Orange County, California.