GreenPatch- A Wireless Integrated Device to Monitor, Sense and Advise on Optimizing Building Energy Use (Supercapacitors USA 2012)

Dr Sagar Venkateswaran, President
United States
Nov 07, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • Easy to install on both new and existing buildings.
  • Contains sensors, radio, energy harvesters and supercapacitor(s).
  • Zero maintenance. Net-Zero Energy Device.

Speaker Biography (Sagar N Venkateswaran)

OptiXtal (Pronounced "Opti Crystal") was founded in 2003 by Dr. Sagar Venkateswaran. Sagar holds a PhD in Physics (1992, Hawaii) and has been a President of Peacock Laboratories, Inc since 1996. He has successfully commercialized proprietary wet deposition technology of silver and copper on transparent and opaque surfaces. He has collaborated with researchers in both academia and industry (both in the US and internationally) in several groundbreaking efforts including chrome replacement technology, micro-contact printing, solar reflectors on iron free glass, and coating pin hole free silver conductive films on large acrylic surfaces. In the field of Supercapacitors, OptiXtal has pioneered the creation of low ESR, ultrathin, and flexible supercapacitors to optimally fill available space. OptiXtal can make high power devices as small as 0.1 mm per side to 10000 mm per side and with thickness as small as 0.5 mm. We now make some of the smallest supercapacitors in the world (1/8th as small as the nearest comparable). Currently, OptiXtal is seeking capital infusion to increase production.

Company Profile (OptiXtal)

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OptiXtal's technology represents a significant extension of Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC)technology. EDLCs are also known as ultracapacitors or supercapacitors. Whereas batteries are good for energy storage, they tend not to be good for power storage. Supercapacitors excel at power storage. They have the ability to charge and discharge much faster than batteries. They have other advantages over batteries as well. Unlike batteries, supercapacitors are not sensitive to either high or low extremes of temperature, thus enabling them to perform efficiently in a much wider range of environments. And while the useful life of batteries is measured in hundreds, or at best a few thousands, of power cycles, the life of supercapacitors is measured in the hundreds of thousands or millions of cycles.
OptiXtal's patented technology further extends the advantages of supercapacitors in three ways. First, most supercapacitors on the market today have an inflexible, cylindrical form factor similar to batteries. OptiXtal's SuperXcaps come in thin, flexible foil packaging. Their rectangular form factor allows for more efficient packaging with fewer voids. And our thin form factor allows SuperXcaps to be easily stacked, either in series or parallel, to meet a wide variety of power requirements. Secondly, our technology provides greater power density than competitive offerings, in terms of both mass and volume, including those with form factors similar to ours, such as those of Cap-XX. Finally, the extremely low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) of our supercaps enables them to hold a charge longer than competitive offerings. Technical data regarding our products may be found on our website,
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