Henkel Innovative Ink Technologies : Transparent Conductors, Fine Line Inks and PTC Heating Inks (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Dr Gunther Dreezen, Technical Manager
Henkel Electronic Materials Belgium NV
Apr 18, 2013.

Presentation Summary

The presentation will introduce recent Henkel innovations in ink technologies :
  • Printable transparent conductive inks with high transmittance and low resistance offering superior properties over conventional transparent conductive materials and opening a wide number of novel opportunities within printed electronic applications.
  • Fine-line screen printable and halogen free electrically conductive ink designed for touch screen applications offering excellent fine-line printability and excellent adhesion to ITO, etched ITO and PET.
  • Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) screen printable ink that when voltage is applied will warm to specific threshold temperatures and maintain constant temperature. Printable and applicable on most common flexible substrates where self regulating heaters are required

Speaker Biography (Gunther Dreezen)

Dr Gunther Dreezen obtained a PhD in polymer chemistry in 1998 and joined Henkel Electronic Materials Belgium NV as a Research Chemist. Since 1998 has been involved in product development of conductive adhesives and inks and coating for the electronics industry with different applications areas. Dr Gunther Dreezen became a Sr Business Scientist in 2004 and Sr. Product Development Manager Conductive Paste in 2008. Since 2013 he is Director Product Development for Inks & Coatings and Assembly Adhesives. In this function he is globally responsible the development conductive adhesives and inks and coatings for a wide range of applications to support the global Henkel Electronic Adhesives business.

Company Profile (Henkel)

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Henkel is a leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. Top firms in the electronics industry rely on Henkel to deliver the enabling materials they require to introduce leading edge products in an ever-tightening time-to-market window. Henkel's world-renowned Loctite, Technomelt and Bergquist product portfolios provide today's electronics specialists with the proven, reliable and compatible material solutions they need to stay competitive.
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