High Definition Conductive Patterns Fabricated by Flexo Printing (Printed Electronics USA 2012)

Mr Wataru Kawashima, Researcher
Toyobo Co., Ltd.
Dec 06, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

・TOYOBO has developed novel materials for flexo printing, including the fine silver conductive ink and the fine-patternable CTP plates, which are capable of achieving high resolution of L/S≦50/50um.
・We designed the photopolymer composition of flexo plate with optimum characteristics (ex. hardness, solvent resistance, and surface properties etc...) for enhancement of printing performance
・New conductive ink was formulated successfully with appropriate fine silver particles, polymer binders and solvents.
・ The key technology was how these materials were adjusted perfectly. Consequently our developed flexo printing technology was superior to conventional screen printing in high resolution and high productivity.

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