How Distributed Intelligence at the Network Edge Impacts Industrial Processes: Reduces Total Cost of Ownership, Costs & Complexity; Protects Existing Investment; Speeds Develop & Deploy Cycles (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2015)

Tim Taberner, Global Product Manager
B+B SmartWorx
Apr 29, 2015.

Presentation Summary

In traditional M2M applications, sensors and devices simply pass raw data to dedicated systems which transform it into useful user information. For the industrial IoT to realize its full potential, edge devices must mature beyond simple data aggregation/filtering. They have to deliver enriched and contexualised data to multiple systems and importantly must collaborate directly with each other, distributing intelligence and decision-making to where the action is - the network edge.
Taberner introduces a concept called SWARM intelligence, where simple components accomplish sophisticated tasks by working together, and its application to the industrial IoT. A collective of physical devices can operate as a single SWARM edge with expandable interfaces and resources. Contrasting this to conventional architectures he explains how SWARM makes it easier and more cost effective to develop, deploy, manage and maintain highly-scalable edge solutions.

Speaker Biography (Tim Taberner)

Tim Taberner, one of the industry's leading experts in M2M and IoT networking, is the global product manager for advanced IoT cellular gateways at B+B SmartWorx. A Chartered Engineer, Taberner has experience in hardware and software engineering, engineering management, technical sales and management, SCADA, cloud computing and analytics.
Based in the UK, Taberner is a frequent speaker and author. His 2014 engagements, before joining B+B, include M2M World Forum in London, ZDNet CVISION in Seoul, and Intel's UK IoT Lab opening. View articles and interviews:
Previously, Taberner held engineering, sales and marketing positions at Eurotech, Arcom Control Systems, and Transmitton.
Taberner holds a Bachelor of Engineering in electronic and electrical engineering from the University of Sheffield.

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