How Our Paper Will Revolutionize Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics USA 2012)

Dr Gael Depres, Exploratory & Partnership Manager
Arjowiggins Creative Papers
Dec 06, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

Arjowiggins developed a unique and biodegradable paper that enables to print smart objects on it. The main characteristics are:
  • A closed and very smooth surface (down to 10 nm in Ra using AFM)
  • A high temperature resistance for efficient sintering (between 160 to 200 °C during 5 minutes).
  • A right Free Surface Energy (40-50 mJ/m²) for good ink adhesion.
  • Carried out printing trials with different processes (inkjet, silk screen, flexo, CVD + laser ablation) and we manufactured smart objects like resistors, capacitors, antenna and circuitry on our paper.
  • Achieved a low resistivity with a low ink thickness (100 mΩ/sq resistivity for 1,5 µm thick Ag-ink) and CVD coupled with a laser ablation process allowed us to manufacture 5 µm wide circuitry on gold.

Speaker Biography (Gael Depres)

Dr. Gael Depres received his MS Degree in Pulp and Paper in 1996 from PAGORA and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from INPG in France. He entered the group Arjowiggins in 1999 as a research Engineer and worked mainly on new products developments in the area of specialty papers, Fine Papers and Innovation. He is now Innovation manager, working mainly on printing electronics, connected papers as well as on nanocellulose. Gael Depres wrote several articles and participated in many conferences in the area of paper and holds eighteen patents in the field of specialty papers and printing electronics on paper.

Company Profile (Arjowiggins Creative Papers)

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Arjowiggins is one of the first specialty paper producer in the world, with 25 paper machines, 2 billions $ sales and 5200 employees. The 4 businesses of the group are Graphic and specialty papers, Coated US, Creative papers (paper for corporate communication, luxury packaging...) and Security (banknote papers, biometric passports....). The company cares about the environment through several strategic initiatives: The development of innovative recycled papers, the promotion of the use of FSC papers, the reduction of the environmental impact of the production.
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