Hybrid Integration Of Thin Silicon Devices On And In Flexible Film Substrates (Printed Electronics Europe 2017)

Mr Christof Landesberger, Group Manager
Fraunhofer EMFT


Europe 2017 Presentation - Fraunhofer EMFT*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Fraunhofer EMFT*

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Presentation Summary

Lower height for chip packages is a dominant requirement for electronic components for mobile and wearable applications. Furthermore, the capability to bend and mount chip packages onto curved surfaces or into application specific formed housings will allow for the distribution of electronic and sensing systems in industrial production environments ("Industry 4.0") as well as in potentially any object of our daily life ("Internet-of-Things").
EMFT will present technological results on the integration of thin and ultra-thin silicon IC on and in film substrates. Such hybrid integration concepts allow for the combination of state-of-the-art IC functionalities with very thin and bendable film packages. The presentation will report on technological achievements of flexible chip foil packages and mechanical and electrical tests of Chip-on-Foil assemblies. It was confirmed that embedding of thin chips in film laminates strongly increases robustness of flexible electronic systems. Test set-ups for automated repeated bending with online electrical testing will be explained and results from 20 µm thin flip chip bonded test chips after several thousands of bending cycles will be shown. Furthermore a new test method for the detection of cracks in ultra-thin chip film packages will be proposed and experimental results will be shown. The presentation will also include application examples for Thin Chip Foil Packages for MEMS and IC devices which were recently realized at Fraunhofer EMFT.