Implementing RFID readers

Mr Bill Davidson, CTO and Executive VP
Samsys, Canada


Samsys presentation - updated 5 Jul*
Samsys audio*

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Presentation Summary

  • Handling all these Protocols
  • Regulatory Opportunities
  • Multiple Reader Systems and Solutions
  • Application Specific Readers

Speaker CV

Bill Davidson has been in the RFID industry for nearly 10 years and before that designed EAS, industrial controllers and communication systems. His firm, which was bough out by SAMSys late 2000, had been providing engineering and manufacturing services to SAMSys since 1996.
Bill Davidson is currently CTO and Executive VP of SAMSys as well as providing direct guidance to an Integrated Solutions Group within SAMSys which provides help to customers and VARs for unique or difficult applications.

Company Profile

SAMSys, the pioneer in Multi-Protocol / Multi-Frequency readers, has been in the RFID industry for over 10 years, starting at UHF then adding HF, LF and (MW?) capability. Since SAMSys no longer makes tags but only readers at all frequencies, SAMSys can solidly support the position of selecting the best tag and technology/frequency for the job. SAMSys provided the artifacts for the ISO-18000-6 UHF Standards development and sits on several committees of EPC Global, ANSI-T6 and the REG. SAMSys is a public company whose shares are listed for trading on the TSX Exchange under the symbol: "SMY".