Intelligent Supply Chains - Standards, Technologies and Killer Applications for Active RFID (Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS USA 2012)

Ed Nabrotzky,
United Kingdom
Nov 08, 2012.


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Speaker Biography (Ed Nabrotzky)

Ed Nabrotzky is an experienced technology business leader and entrepreneur, having led and developed businesses and product lines all over the world.
Working first with Omni-ID as a supply partner, then eventually merging his new company with them in 2011, he currently serves as CTO and is charged with driving the new systems initiative involving low-power RF networking within the company. As part of this responsibility he is a member of the DASH7 wireless network standards group and serves in an advisory role to president of the organization.

Company Profile (Omni-ID)

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Omni-ID has developed original, patented technologies for on-metal and visual tagging to enable a broad range of applications to improve asset tracking, supply chain management and material flow management. Omni-ID is the leading supplier of RFID tags and ProVIEW material flow management solutions for Manufacturing & Logistics, Energy, IT Assets and Tool Tracking. Omni-ID's versatile family of products provides a complete range of tags and solutions for tracking and identification challenges, with unprecedented accuracy, in any environment. For more information, visit External Link.
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