Sensors and Technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring (Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020)

James L. Powers, Business Development
Zimmer & Peacock UK
United States

Presentation Summary

The Global biosensors market is $18.2B. Global glucose monitoring is estimated at $12.8B. This is one analytical application. Z&P is unique in that we are agnostic to application. We use the lessons used in glucose monitoring to develop new electrochemical biosensor analysis platforms. Case studies will be presented.

Speaker Biography (James L. Powers)

James Powers has been Business Development Manager for Zimmer & Peacock since 2016. Mr. Powers has a BS in Biology and an MBA in International Management. He has earned a license in Clinical Chemistry from UCSF and worked in various medical and bioresearch laboratories. He has been self-employed and employed in Sales and Marketing since 1978. His clients have been Analytical Instrumentation, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Diagnostic companies.

Company Profile (Zimmer & Peacock)

Zimmer and Peacock offer standard products for biosensor and medical diagnostic developers and technologies for electrochemists. We also own our manufacturing facility from where we offer contract manufacturing and development of technologies for the sensor, biosensor and medical diagnostics industries. These services range from sensor and cartridge design and manufacture to assay development.
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