Enabling Quality Production At Scale For Industry 4.0 With Digital Manufacturing (3D Printing & 3D Electronics Europe 2020)

Janet Kar, Chief Marketing Officer
United States

Presentation Summary

As the additive manufacturing industry continues to gain momentum, more and more Fortune 500 OEMs and Tier 1 Service Bureaus are finding it crucial to adopt 3D printing processes that will enable them to achieve process repeatability. Janet Kar, Chief Marketing Officer at Link3D, will talk about how a centralized AM software platform is key for connecting the Digital Thread across internal and external additive manufacturing ecosystems.
Janet will focus on several key advancements she's experienced during her time in the additive manufacturing field including:
1. The future of additive manufacturing -- can it really become the next 'Industrial Revolution'?
2. Emerging technologies to streamline additive manufacturing processes --
a. Intelligent ordering system with material recommendation system to scale the spread of AM awareness
b. Build simulation for forecasting AM material usage and build-time for auto-quoting, user-controlled quoting, costing, production planning
c. Additive MES with 3D Printer Machine connectivity to enable workflow automation
d. Downstream manufacturing management across additive workstations
e. Machine learning for predictive modeling for machine scheduling, machine downtime management
f. On-Premise, Private Cloud and Blockchain security for supplier and parameter validation
g. CAD, PLM, PDM integration to connect the additive manufacturing software ecosystem
3. Obstacles and challenges that 3D manufacturing field will experience in the next 5-10 years that AM software can solve
4. AM Supply Chain Readiness + AM Workflow Design for streamlining internal bottlenecks to speed-up order turnaround cycles from days to hours

Speaker Biography (Janet Kar)

Janet Kar is the Chief Marketing Officer at Link3D, an additive manufacturing workflow and manufacturing execution system. Over the last few years, she has worked with aerospace and defense, automotive, oil and gas, and industrial organizations to develop Digital Transformation strategies to scale their advanced and additive manufacturing infrastructure. She is currently working on developing hardware and software partnerships to help the industry connect the Digital Thread to enable workflow automation and quality production at scale.

Company Profile (Link3D)

Link3D, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, offers Additive MES workflow software to help organizations scale their digital manufacturing strategy. Link3D applies modern technologies, such as IoT, workflow automation and machine learning to enable manufacturers to unlock the true benefits of Industry 4.0. Visit Link3D here: www.link3d.co/
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