Key Enabling Technology For Printing-Based Patch-Type Stretchable Hybrid Electronic System (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Prof Yongtaek Hong, Assistant Professor
Seoul National University


USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Seoul National University*

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Company Profile (Seoul National University)

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The research field of the Hong's group in Seoul National University covers fabrication, analysis, and application of thin-film devices, sensors, circuits, and integrated systems with flexible and stretchable forms. The recent aim of this group focuses on developing technologies for highly integrated and high-performance stretchable electronic systems using versatile printing techniques. This enables fully printable, system-level soft electronics for practical data processing and computing with advanced capabilities of universal circuit design and multilayer device integration. This design and integration tool provides a new layout of skin/bio-interfacing applications and further extends an applicable field of stretchable electronics.
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