Large Scale, Natural Resource Independent Synthesis of Bulk Graphene and Preparation of Graphene for Market Applications (Graphene LIVE! USA 2012)

Mr Jon Myers, CEO and Founder
Graphene Technologies
United States
Dec 06, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

* Graphene Technologies (GT) has developed a novel graphene synthesis process that produces graphene from carbon-dioxide. GT is now operating a one-tonne per year pilot plant at its Novato, CA facility.
* Advantages of the GT graphene process include scalability, cost and quality and the unique character of the graphene product, which is 5 to 60 nanometer, few layer to single layer material. Another significant advantage is that the GT process is not reliant on mined feedstock material.
* Functionalization of graphene is critical to successful deployment of the material in some commercial products and applications. GT has developed important skills in this area.
* GT is engaged with partners to develop value-added products based on GT graphene in several markets. The company also plans to license the GT synthesis technology to others.

Speaker Biography (Jon Myers)

Jon Myers took an unusual path to the nano-materials space. After a childhood as a science nerd, building telescopes and
nearly burning his house down twice with his chemistry set, Jon
took a degree in Economics at Williams College and an MBA at
Kellogg Graduate School of Management. From there, Jon went
to Wall Street where he spent over 16 years in trading and sales.
While on Wall Street, Jon helped develop many of the analytical
technologies and securities concepts that have become
ubiquitous today (for good and ill). In 1996, Jon left Wall Street,
moved to California and became a serial high-technology
entrepreneur. Jon has founded very successful companies in the
business intelligence, cloud services and artificial intelligence
spaces. In 2007, Jon and a team of very successful inventors
took on the challenge of making a useful, commercial product
from carbon-dioxide. The result of that work is Graphene
Technologies which produces graphene and other nanomaterials
from carbon-dioxide in a highly scalable, ultra-efficient

Company Profile (Graphene Technologies, Inc.)

Graphene Technologies, Inc. logo
Graphene Technologies (GT) is located in Novato, California, USA. GT was founded in late 2009 to pursue development of a graphene synthesis technology discovered by the founders in 2009. This technology utilizes carbon-dioxide as its primary feedstock and produces exceptionally small, few layer graphene. The GT synthesis process is now scaled and operating at a pilot commercial scale. GT has filed several patents on its synthesis technology and related technologies. The company has twelve full time employees and contractors and is supported by strong partnerships in academic research and with corporations in several relevant markets.
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