Low cost manufacturing solutions for OLED’s by using inkjet printing (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)

Mr Edward Voncken,
Orgatronics, Netherlands


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Presentation Summary

  • Different type of printing challenges
  • Integral inkjet printing approach
  • Manufacturing solutions and project examples

Speaker Biography

CEO Orgatronics B.V. a new high tech start-up company which provides commercial research and development services for Organic Light Emitting diodes (OLED) and organic electronics. Orgatronics is a joint venture company of OTB and TNO.
CCO and Director of OTB Engineering, the equipment company who develops and delivers inline equipment for the solar, display, car glazing and ophthalmic markets. OTB build the first fully integrated inline production system for polymer OLED's which operates outside the clean room.
More than 10 years experience in different commercial and general management functions at Philips ETG, the equipment building and tooling division within Philips who builds amongst others semiconductor, lighting and display equipment.
Master degree in mechanical engineering graduated at the RWTH Aachen in Germany.

Company Profile

Orgatronics provides research and development facilities and services needed for the development of Organic Electronics products and OLED's in particular. Orgatronics is bridging the need for technology platforms for the assessment of materials, processes and equipment and provides access to research results allowing it's customers to accelerate the development process and time to market. Orgatronics assist it's customers from the first conceptual design to the delivery of the first product demonstrators and offers R&D support such as the evaluation and optimization of materials and processes needed for the efficient production of Organic Electronics.