Macro-Scale Energy Harvesting

Prof Gare Henderson, Director of Applied Research and Development
Gravitational Systems Engineering
United States
Nov 08, 2012.

Presentation Summary

  • The Energy is out there! The thermodynamics of our environment
  • Dynamic State Energy (DSE). The enthymeme of environmental energy
  • Environmental energy sources: motion, atmospheric heat, gravity and vibration
  • The coming energy nexus, where demand synchronizes with nature

Speaker Biography (Gare Henderson)

Visionary engineer, former computer engineering academic on the faculties of NYU, Hunter College, New School for Social Research, etc. Director of applied research and development of Gravitational Systems Engineering. Chairman Alternative Energy Conference Singapore 2010. Director of operations Alacrity Services, Inc.

Company Profile (Gravitational Systems Engineering, Inc)

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GSE Gravitational Systems Engineering, Clifton Virginia, USA: GSE develops and markets engineering solutions to industrial, municipal, and military renewable energy needs via environmental energy. GSE is OEM of multiple lines of pumps, compressors, and crash management systems which operate on environmental energy sources.
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