EV - What's Next? (Electric Vehicle Materials Europe 2020)

Maria Wiese, Manager Market Intelligence, Innovation

Presentation Summary

Moving from life style vehicle to common customers and from being considered as challenging in driving range and production cost for manufacturers, to being the main drivetrain for personal mobility. From environmental and early adopters enthusiasts to common car customers, the opportunities and challenges for automotive business.

Speaker Biography (Maria Wiese)

Maria Wiese living in Gothenburg for 30 years. Worked within automotive business for 19 years in various areas. Majority of time in market insight related business areas, such as long-term car sales forecasting and Market insight. Currently working in Market insight focusing on long term trends in mobility and driver on future mobility needs.

Company Profile (CEVT)

CEVT is an innovation center for the Geely Holding Group, developing mobility solutions for a different tomorrow. Modular development, advanced virtual engineering and software development enable us to deliver world-class technology to all Geely Group brands.
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