Masterclass 1: Introduction to RFID (RFID Smart Labels USA 2006)



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Raghu Das CEO
IDTechEx, UK
Dan Lawrence VP Business Development
Don Taylor, VP Global Marketing
Inksure, USA
Prof. Amir Bpag, Chief Technology Officer
InkSure RF, Israel
Matt Truong, CIO
Intelligentz, USA
Dr Geunho Lee, Principal Consultant,
R&BD, Korea

Introduction to RFID

A complete introduction to RFID systems, markets and trends. The session covers:
  • An introduction to RFID systems and hardware choices
  • Chip and chipless tag technology evaluations and their applications
  • Assessment of choices of making RFID smart labels
  • Examples of RFID being used, how many have been sold and
into which markets
  • Active RFID and RFID combined with Wifi, Bluetooth, DSRC, UWB etc
  • Markets driving volume use of RFID to 2016
  • New applications and advice on entry to market
  • Comparison of RFID frequencies
  • The RFID value chain, major players and opportunities
  • Failures and successes
  • RFID standards
  • RFID forecasts and trends 2006-2016

Raghu Das, IDTechEx

Raghu Das MA is Managing Director of IDTechEx. He has a BA Natural Sciences honours degree from Cambridge University, where he read physics, mathematics, computer science and material science. He gained technical and marketing experience with RFID when he worked for tag suppliers. At IDTechEx, Raghu is in charge of the consultancy service and the annual Smart Labels USA conferences. He has carried out consultancy in America, Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. He has lectured on RFID, Smart Packaging and Printed Electronics at over forty global events and is co-author of several IDTechEx publications.

Dan Lawrence, IDTechEx

Dan Lawrence MSE, is contributing to IDTechEx as VP business development. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he received both his BSE and MSE in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. As a scientist for Flint Ink, Dan conceived the idea to use high speed printing processes to layer specially designed inks to function in RFID antenna, smart packages, and printed electronics. He was an early representative of the Auto-ID Center and was the first to demonstrate ePC class 1 tags with multiple meter read range having antenna printed with high speed processes. He has contributed to a book and several articles on printed electronics and is advising companies on how they can find opportunity in the historic merging of the printing and electronics industries.

Dr. Geunho Lee, R&BD

Dr. Geunho Lee is the principal consultant at R&BD and a visiting professor at Boston university's information systems management department.
After his Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University, he was in the field of ICT for 10 years working in several government organizations, small to large companies, and university research centers in Korea and the US.
Recent his activities were for RFID and u-City (ubiquitous computing city) promotion in Korea by consulting government and industry for R&D, business strategy and industry policy: he initiated the first RFID field trials and co-founded the u-City forum.
He was a senior advisor at Samsung Techwin, CJ Systems, and KT, research fellow at Korea Electronic Payment Industry Association, visiting professor at SCH university, Korea Polytech University, R&D director at Korea Wireless Networks Inc., research officer at Ministry of Information & Communication, and visiting scholar at Georgia Institute of Technology.
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