Masterclass 1: Printed Electronics - Applications and Opportunities (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)



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Raghu Das CEO
IDTechEx, UK
Dr Peter Harrop Chairman
IDTechEx, UK
Printed electronics and electrics are merging as many new products combine both functions. This market will exceed that for silicon chips. It will subsume many large components and it creates displays, batteries, laminar fuel cells and lighting. Silicon chips cannot do that.
In this Masterclass we discuss electronic, electric and combined options under the banner of printed electronics. We explore the vast number of replacement and newly created markets from vastly improved human interfaces for high volume products to RFID replacing ten trillion barcodes yearly. If these things are not done with printed electronics then they will not be done at all. We explain why.
We show how money is being made today and we size the market sectors through to hundreds of billions of dollars yearly in twenty years. We give role models of success and lessons of failure and list the companies to watch.

Raghu Das, IDTechEx

Raghu Das MA is Managing Director of IDTechEx. He has a BA Natural Sciences honours degree from Cambridge University, where he read physics, mathematics, computer science and material science. He gained technical and marketing experience with RFID when he worked for tag suppliers. At IDTechEx, Raghu is in charge of the consultancy service and the annual Smart Labels USA conferences. He has carried out consultancy in America, Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. He has lectured on RFID, Smart Packaging and Printed Electronics at over forty global events and is co-author of several IDTechEx publications.

Dr Peter Harrop, IDTechEx

Dr Peter Harrop PhD, FIEE, FCIM is Chairman of IDTechEx Ltd. He was previously Chief Executive of Mars Electronics, the $260 million electronics company and Chairman of Pinacl plc, the $100m fibre optic company. He has been chairman of over 15 high tech companies. He has written 14 books on technical subjects, these being published by the Financial Times, John Wiley and others. He lectures and consults internationally on smart labels and smart packaging.