Crystalplex Corporation's Development Of A Highly Stable And Thermally Processable Sapphire™ Quantum Dot Polymer Matrix Using A Two-Prong Approach (Graphene USA 2016)

Matt Bootman, Chief Executive Officer & President
Crystalplex Corporation
United States

Presentation Summary

Semiconductor nanocrystals, also commonly called quantum dots (QDs), are attracting widespread attention because of unique
optical properties, including emission wavelengths in the visible range, high quantum efficiency, narrow emission with wide absorption profiles, and compatibility with custom matrix polymers. Dispersion in a custom polymer requires 1.) modifying the surface of the QDs to isolate them from the degrading effects of oxygen and water vapor, and 2.) developing a custom host polymer matrix optimized for the QD surface interaction.
Traditional approaches to QD dispersion require the use of small molecule surfactants as additives or functionalized block-copolymers
as the matrix, or a combination of both. A number of challenges exist with these systems due to their complexity. Crystalplex polymer-QD composites can survive thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion conditions without a decrease in quantum efficiency or photostability of the nanocrystals. This opens up new opportunities for high-performance optical components.

Speaker Biography (Matt Bootman)

Matt has a 25 year career in nanomaterials and biomaterials research, product development and manufacturing. In the past Matt has developed and commercialized medical devices, infection control devices, medical polymers with engineered surfaces and products for the controlled release of volatile substances. He has been a co-founder of four companies, two of which have had successful exits. His academic research focused on the application of biophotonics and biophysics in the study of cancer cells. His keen interest in the physiology of human vision and color perception is a driving force at Crystalplex. Matt holds 12 patents and has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Cell Physiology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Company Profile (Crystalplex Corporation)

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Crystalplex, a Pittsburgh company, was founded in 2004 as a biochemistry and diagnostics laboratory, specializing in nanotechnology for the life sciences industry. In 2009, the company directed its research to optoelectronics and developed high-performance nanocrystals for photoluminescent, electroluminescent and photovoltaic applications. As a result, Crystalplex has developed the world's first and only alloy gradient SapphireTM quantum dots (QDs) for the optoelectronics industry.
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