Sweden Aims To Be Top 10 In Using Graphene For Industrial Needs (Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2020)

Mr Jon Wingborg, Outreach & Innovation support
SIO Grafen
Mr Anders Skalsky, CEO
Provexa AB

Presentation Summary

So far, SIO Grafen have funded 89 projects where graphene have been the key factor in solving industrial problems. Receive the latest information on the use of graphene in the Swedish industry. Get an insight in some of our projects and a deeper look into Provexas graphene coating and the Swedish graphene start-ups Brightday graphene and Graphmatech.

Speaker Biography (Jon Wingborg)

Jon Wingborg has a M SC in Mechanical Engineering with specialization on materials. Jon has a background as product manager for a material start-up with focus on metallic sandwich materials. Since 3 year he is responsible for outreach and Innovation support within the Swedish graphene society SIO Grafen.

Company Profile (SIO Grafen)

SIO Grafen is a national Strategic Innovation Programme supporting the industrial graphene development in Sweden. The programme is supported by the Swedish government agencies Vinnova (Sweden's innovation Agency), the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Research Council Formas, and by sponsor partners. The vision for 2030 is that Sweden is among the world's top ten countries in deploying graphene to ensure industrial leadership.
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