Sensor Friction That Is Hampering Rapid Adoption (Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020)

Mr Ben Sperling, Consulting Partner
First Lever Consultants, LLC.
United States

Presentation Summary

Sensor Friction That Is Hampering Rapid Adoption
Healthcare is incredibly fortunate to have new powerful, low cost sensors becoming available to provide visibility into critical health related use cases. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of friction in the adoption curve because in the onboarding and education process of these innovative healthcare sensors. This session will cover the following:
• Identifying key friction points in the sensor adoption curve
• Tools and tricks to address friction points
o Process changes
o Behavioral challenges on healthcare use cases and target population
• Samples of success in:
o Clinical Trials
o Remote Patient Monitoring

Speaker Biography (Ben Sperling)

Ben Sperling - 15+ years of strategic planning experience in the health industry
Ben assists companies large and small in driving growth for their businesses. He is currently managing partner of FirstLever Consultants, LLC and prior to this Ben led the development and management of Qualcomm Life's connected health ecosystem relationships with leading medical device and sensors manufacturers, health care service and system providers. He also led RTLS Experts, an organization focused on helping U.S. hospitals gain operational efficiencies by leveraging sensor technologies. Additionally, Ben held senior strategic business development roles at Awarepoint, McKesson Corporation, Epicentric (now Open Text), Application Park (acquired by Vignette), and On-Demand Software Consultants, in which capacity he helped grow top line revenues through the establishment of strategic partnerships and alliances. Ben earned a Bachelor of Science in business management from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He is also a certified Strategic Visioning Workshop facilitator from The Grove Consultants International.

Company Profile (First Lever Consultants, LLC.)

First Lever Consultants, LLC. is a digital health management consulting firm focused on driving business growth. Our methodology starts with providing clarity of the market, determines where a product, solution, or service best fits in, and then builds a go-to-market plan that captures the opportunity. First Lever understands the challenges of creating new growth engines for your business. We bring the know-how developed over years of strategic planning and business development initiatives.
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