Reduce Electrode Manufacturing Cost; Transition From Batch To Continuous Production (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2018)

Mr David Ventola, Director Business Development - Engineered Products
United States

Presentation Summary

The basics of Li-ion battery electrode manufacturing have not changed much in the last twenty years. The following technologies are usually separate and distinct unit operations each with varying levels of materials in que, WIP and material transfers between operations.
• Slurry Mixing
• Electrode Coating & Drying
• Calendering / Roll Pressing
• Secondary Drying
These unit operations can be linked to create a streamlined continuous processing plant with a focus on increasing productivity, improving quality and reducing manufacturing costs.

Speaker Biography (David Ventola)

Speaker Biography (David Ventola) David Ventola is Director of Business Development, EP at B&W MEGTEC. David holds a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering and MBA. Prior to B&W MEGTEC, David spent most of his career in the roll to roll Coating & Converting Industry. Just prior to joining MEGTEC David spent 5 years at A123 Systems focused on Li-Ion battery electrode manufacturing.
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Company Profile (Dürr MEGTEC)

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Dürr MEGTEC offers a full range of li-ion battery electrode coating lines that support R&D of new materials to mass production of established designs. Its process equipment to produce li-ion battery electrodes includes: patented simultaneous 2-side coating system matched with machinery from world-class suppliers; a linear process flow with lower costs and higher quality; available in the PilotCoater, ProCoater, and GigaCoater units, including 5 m/min-50 m/min production speed and 350 mm-1300 mm web widths.
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