The etectRx Communications Platform for Ingestible and Implantable Sensors (Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020)

Mr Eric Buffkin, Sr. VP, R&D / Co-Founder
etectRx Inc
United States

Presentation Summary

etectRx has developed the first communications technology platform designed, developed, and validated specifically for ingestible and implantable sensors. The platform includes communications specifications, integrated circuits, and reference designs targeted at the development of self-powered/extremely low power, low
cost, and low bandwidth ingestible RF sensors and readers. The first ingestible event marker that may be read without direct skin contact was recently cleared by the FDA for medical and pharmaceutical applications. This device was built on the etecRx platform.
The presentation will describe the etectRx technology and platform components, applications and usage models. It will also include description of real world uses and results from clinical studies of devices using the platform.

Speaker Biography (Eric Buffkin)

Eric is the co-founder and Senior VP, R&D/Operations for etectRx Inc., a healthcare technology company that has created a technology platform for digital pills and other ingestible sensors.
Eric is passionate about making new things; new products, new technologies, and new ventures. Over the course of his thirty plus year career, he has launched multiple technology and digital health companies and has been instrumental in establishing industry standards for the digital home.
He is an angel investor and mentor to new technology companies in his community of Gainesville, Florida and a constant promoter of the innovation economy. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida and an MBA from Rollins College.
On a personal note, Eric is married with three children. He is a lifelong resident of Florida and a dedicated fisherman, boater, and outdoorsman. When he is not offshore somewhere on his boat, you can reach him through External Link or LinkedIn.

Company Profile (etectRx Inc)

etectRx is a privately held digital health company based in Gainesville, Florida seeking to advance patient medication adherence through it's platform for digital medicine and ingestible sensors. etectRx's flagship product, the ID-Cap System, is an FDA cleared ingestible event marker. It is comprised of an ingestible sensor in a gelatin capsule that upon ingestion transmits a very low power radio message to a wearable reader. The reader sends the data to a patient facing smartphone app and secure cloud-based server to enable reliable tracking of ingestion events. To learn more about etectRx, visit
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