Grapholymer - Extruding Graphene In Polymers - From Lab To Industrial Production (Graphene Europe 2018)

Mr Giovanni A Della Rossa, Innovation & IP Manager
Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera SpA

Presentation Summary

A worldwide leader in Plastics Extrusion Machinery, Bandera has recently developed a laboratory EA Extrusion Academy® with the goal of liaising between research and industrial production of the many products obtainable via the extrusion process, also associated to lamination, coating, converting and printing technologies.
Grapholymer is the extrusion process to integrate graphene and 2D materials in many extrudable polymers.
The House of Extrusion® allows the scale up of prototype results to industrial productions of +3,000 kg/h.

Speaker Biography (Giovanni A Della Rossa)

Studied Gamma-Ray Bursts at Milan University Physics, R&D Management Master at Bocconi University Milan.
Holds several patents in Quantum Entangled Lithography with JPL - NASA and in plastic PV panels extrusion.
Serial entrepreneurial ventures, now holds the position of Innovation & IP Manager at Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera spa where he supervises innovation and academia and research liaisons in the field of nano composites in/on plastics via the extrusion process and future plastic applications.