ALEX: A Story Of Family Cars And Attack Submarines - The Age Of "Aluminum Economy" Is At Hand (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2017)

Mr John Hensler-Mandy, Managing Partner
United States

Presentation Summary

The ALEX aluminum fuel cell is a submarine AIP peace-dividend technology adopted for EV applications. A single fill-up on aluminum fuel powers a full size family car over a distance of 3,800 miles. Refueling is a mechanical process taking only 5 minutes. Driving on aluminum power takes place with zero emission.

Speaker Biography (John Hensler)

Receiving a degree in electrical engineering, majoring in electrical machines with a minor in vehicular electricity, John M. Hensler became a principal at the Integral Dynamics (IDX) division of in 1990, as a licensed professional engineer directing the naval surface combatant Electric Propulsion and submarine Air Independent Power (AIP) programs. Presently, the Engineer in Chief for IDXIE's ALEX aluminum fuel cell and the Magnetic Gear Effect (MAGEE) drive product lines.

Company Profile (IDXIE LLC - Integral Dynamix Industries & Engineering)

IDXIE LLC - Integral Dynamix Industries & Engineering logo
IDXIE is a new spin-off operation and the legal successor of the Integral Dynamics (IDX) division of, an independent, multi-national defense contractor, established in 1990. IDX Industries & Engineering (IDXIE) is charged with the commercialization of naval electric propulsion and submarine AIP power technologies, including the Magnetic Gear Effect (MAGGEE) drive and the Aluminum Electron Extraction (ALEX) fuel cell. IDXIE LLC is a US company based in Panama City, FL.
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