Bluetooth Mesh - Putting The Smart In Smart Buildings (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2018)

Mr Martin Woolley, Technical Program Manager (EMEA)
Bluetooth SIG

Presentation Summary

Bluetooth mesh is a new Bluetooth technology, released in the summer of 2017.
There's a compelling business case for the smart building. Building regulations and in particular, energy efficiency regulations are driving the adoption of advanced technologies such as Bluetooth mesh networking in sophisticated smart building systems.
Commercial lighting provides a natural grid for connectivity. Add mesh networking into the mix and retailers will have the power for in-store navigation or customized promotions. Hospitals will have the power to track patients and expensive equipment. Factory floors will have the power to connect all machines for better monitoring and maintenance. And businesses will have the power to intelligently control lighting and temperature, and monitor company property. With unmatched ubiquity, reliability, and interoperability, only Bluetooth mesh networking can catalyze smart lighting as a platform and help make smart buildings truly smart.
This session will explore Bluetooth mesh networking and how this next evolution of the globally known and trusted technology will make the biggest initial impact in the commercial and industrial space by enabling smart lighting as a platform.

Speaker Biography (Martin Woolley)

Martin Woolley is an industry veteran with over 30 years' experience working with computers large, small and ..... getting smaller. He still has a Sinclair ZX81 somewhere.
Martin was a part of the BBC micro:bit team and designed the micro:bit's Bluetooth profile.
When Martin first discovered Bluetooth low energy it struck him as a phenomenally useful and developer-friendly technology and a perfect fit for this age of the Internet of Things. Bluetooth mesh networking will take this to the next level.
Martin is the Bluetooth SIG's Technical Programme Manager for the EMEA region and is responsible for informing, educating and supporting developers in the region.

Company Profile (Bluetooth SIG, Inc.)

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