How TicTag Launches A New Connectivity Technology Based On Printed Electronics (Sensors Europe 2019)

Mr Pieter Heersink, Founder & CEO

Presentation Summary

In the presentation we will shortly introduce TicTag's new connectivity technology. We will talk about the R&D and commercial challenges we had to face that have to do with the newness of our technology in many ways (like communicating via the touchscreen interface and multitouch). We will show how we have solved these challenges and whta our future goals are

Speaker Biography (Pieter Heersink)

Pieter is a creative enthusiast of new tech and conceptual thinker. Five years ago started loyalty app Kudoos in The Netherlands. Got frustrated by QR codes and NFC chips and decided to do something about it. Learned that every smartphone and tablet have a multitouch feature and decided to use that for creating a haptic input.

Company Profile (TicTag)

At TicTag we believe that people want to make use of their online data in the physical world via their smartphone. People store huge amounts of personal data on their smartphone, it's practically an digital ID. TicTag has developed a secure and privacy defending connectivity technology that operates via the touchscreen of every smartphone. Difference with competing technologies like QR, NFC and RFID is that it is more safe, more intuitive and preserves users privacy. A connection is only set up by the user when he really intents to do this because it needs a physical touch with the touchscreen of a smartpone.
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