Custom Hearables - Wearables That Obtain Reliable Biometric Data (EEG, EMG, ECG, GSR) (Wearable USA 2016)

Mr Sam Kellett, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
United Sciences
United States

Presentation Summary

Custom Hearables enable a $128 billion market opportunity and most importantly will help anyone with a smart phone and a pair of ears. The human ear is the only 3 dimensional place in the human body where you can comfortably place a sensor continuously and unobtrusively. United Sciences' 3D ear scanner creates custom sensors that fit perfectly inside the human ear. This fit enables a wearable computing platform inside a custom Bluetooth headphone which can obtain reliable biometric data (EEG, EMG, ECG, GSR) with real medical efficacy. Custom Hearables access the mind and body in ways that have never been possible in a consumer or medical device before, so this is just the beginning and the opportunities are limitless.

Speaker Biography (Sam Kellett)

Sam Kellett, Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Aware. Sam led the development of the world's first custom biometric hearable that remotely monitors the brain. Sam also led the development of the custom biometric hearable enabling technology, the Otoscan and eFit 3D ear scanners. The Otoscan and eFit 3D ear scanners are now the industry standard in the hearing aid and custom in-ear monitor industries.
Before Aware Sam was a successful entrepreneur with years of experience in the hardware and software technology sectors. Sam was founder and CEO of a technology company that he sold to Reed Elsevier. Sam is also an advisory board member at the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology and was also appointed by the Governor of Georgia to the Jekyll Island Port Authority Board and Public Schools Retirement Pension Board. Sam holds an undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University and holds an MBA from the University of Georgia.

Company Profile (United Sciences)

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United Sciences, LLC is an innovator of precision 3D hole scanning and imaging solutions for targeted industries. United Sciences has developed highly disruptive technologies that overcome the technical challenges of existing 3D scanners that are only capable of measuring exterior surfaces. The patent protected 3D ear scanner is the only mobile scanning technology that uses real-time imaging to obtain 3D measurements of the inner ear that can be used to create custom in-ear devices which applications include hearing devices, industrial hearing protection, custom headphones, and wearables. United Sciences is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with customers and research partners around the world. External Link
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