(Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2020)

Mr Shannon Notley, CTO - Founder
Mr Michael Holland, Business Development Manager

Speaker Biography (Shannon Notley)

Shannon Notley is the founder and CTO of FlexeGRAPH. Shannon was the key inventor of a large scale process for high quality graphene suitable for the production of nanofluid coolants. He leads the R&D activities for FlexeGRAPH including formulations and certifications.

Company Profile (FlexeGRAPH)

FlexeGRAPH, established in 2017, produces cooling fluids, enhanced with nanotechnology, for electrified systems such as batteries and energy storage as well as high performance computing and data centres. The core technology was invented at ANU and has been patented and licenced to FlexeGRAPH. Headquartered in Australia, our operations are global with the establishment of a Swedish subsidiary allowing us to target the large chemicals and automotive sectors internationally. Successful and on-going pilot projects with a large global chemical manufacturer and automotive OEM in the areas of battery cooling have been achieved to validate our technology. FlexeGRAPH is also co-developing bespoke coolant solutions for leading motorsport teams, high performance computer systems and defence partners.
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