Design Verification Of A Directly Cooled Electric Motor With An Integral Thermoset Housing (Electric Vehicle Materials Europe 2020)

Mr Steffen Reuter, Researcher
Fraunhofer ICT

Presentation Summary

In the project "DEmiL" the Fraunhofer and the Karlsruhe Institute for technology developed an electric motor together, which is suitable for mass production. The motor is a permanent magnet synchronous motor with an over molded stator and a thermoset plastic housing. Plastics are well known in the construction of electric motors, but serve mainly functional purposes. By using high performance materials, as well as new designs, these materials could also be used structural.
This presentation gives a brief overview of the design of the motor as well as the design verification of the key elements.

Speaker Biography (Steffen Reuter)

Mr. Steffen Reuter studied at the Karlsruhe Institute for technology and obtained a Master of Science degree. During his studies he was part of the formula student team "KA-RaceIng" as the CTO and both won the FS-Germany and achieved the first place in the world ranking list in 2016.
In 2017 he joined the Fraunhofer Institute for chemical technology as an academic employee in the "new drive systems" department. In 2018 he became the group leader "Design" with six academic employees. The department focuses on efficiency improvements of conventional power trains as well as the development of electric traction systems. Main focus are the battery packs, motors and packaging of complete systems.

Company Profile (Fraunhofer ICT)

The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology focuses on the scalability of processes and the transfer of research results from laboratory scale to pilot plant scale and in some cases to pilot-level application.
We currently have about 500 employees, who carry out research and development in our core competences of chemical processes, energy systems, explosive technology, drive systems, polymer technology and composite materials. The total area of the institute in Pfinztal is 210,000 m², of which more than 27,000 m² are laboratories, offices, pilot plants, workshops, test ranges, and infrastructure.
Well-equipped laboratories with cutting-edge safety features and energy-saving technology are available at the institute, as well as all the analysis and testing procedures needed for research in our specific fields. The Fraunhofer ICT has a close working relationship with numerous universities and colleges, especially with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT. Fundamental and application-oriented knowledge is utilized and further developed in hundreds of projects each year. The Fraunhofer ICT supports its clients and project partners from the original idea to the prototype phase or even to small-series production, according to their requirements. Clients and project partners are mostly from the automotive and transport sectors, as well as the fields of energy, environment, defense, security, and chemistry and process engineering.
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