Development Of A Low Profile Oil Level And Temperature Sensor For Automotive Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2020)

Mr Steve Garrett, Manager - R&D
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

Using printed electronics elements to improve the packaging of automotive sensors in an engine environment to realise customer and cost benefits while maintaining the same functionality and robustness as the established technology

Speaker Biography (Steve Garrett)

Steve Garrett, R&D Manager with Nifco since 2014. His team have designed, developed new products using new composites and thermal management technologies for conventional and new generation powertrains. Steve brings experience in powertrain engineering at Cummins and Ford developing low carbon and low emission engine systems for mainstream and luxury cars, and commercial applications.

Company Profile (Nifco KTS GmbH)

Nifco is a global thermoplastic injection moulding and assembly manufacturer supplying all major OEM's with sites matched to their operating territories. Nifco conducts research, design and development on interior, exterior and powertrain systems to support the changing needs of the automotive industry including the route to autonomous vehicles, safety, electrification and interior developments. Nifco designs, develops and has patents across many component groups. Nifco UK has the capability to design and develop plastic based systems to support these technologies and implement them to support the UK Automotive industry.
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