CNT ChemFETs As A Scalable And Cost Effective Sensing Platform (Sensors USA 2019)

Mr Steve Lerner, CEO
Alpha Szenszor Inc.
United States


USA 2019 _ Alpha Szenszor Inc. _ Presentation*

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Speaker Biography (Steve Lerner)

Mr. Lerner has over 30 years of executive experience in the IT sector, most notably in microelectronics manufacturing and IC Package development. He has served in senior management positions in both large and small organizations throughout Europe, the United States and several SE Asian countries. As CEO and MD of Alchimer SA, and Amkor Europe respectively, he performed classic European turn-arounds in the advanced packaging space. He has also been responsible for ground floor entrepreneurial projects resulting in IPO and M&A. Steve is currently Founder and CEO of Alpha Szenszor Inc., a gas sensor start-up leveraging the unique properties of Carbon Nanotubes, and based in Burlington, MA. He obtained a BSME from SUNY at Stony Brook.

Company Profile (Alpha Szenszor Inc.)

Alpha Szenszor Inc. is an early stage, privately held company that has developed an agnostic e-nose sensor platform based on proprietary CMOS compatible Carbon Nanotube Technology, licensed exclusively through Nantero. The Company offers custom solutions for a wide range of applications in the medical, industrial, automotive and consumer fields of use. Key attributes of ASI's sensor technology are high sensitivity and selectivity, ultra low power consumption, high packing density, and low cost.
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