Roll To Roll Automated Test (Printed Electronics Europe 2020)

Mr Tim Pease, Electronic device scientist
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

Circuit test is a fundamental tool for the qualification of electronic device performance, circuit yield and product quality parameters. In R2R format, circuits require test inline at time of processing or specialist offline test equipment is necessary to handle and transport the circuits on a roll. The ability to run offline test on R2R fabricated substrate offers the option for print layer characterisation, sensor qualification, and full functional circuit test without interfering with production line operation. CPI explain their current and expanding roll to roll test capability offered in its open access facility. The commercial application of this service is also discussed.

Company Profile (CPI)

CPI's Printable Electronics Centre is a design, development and prototyping facility. We provide support in bringing new printable electronics products and processes to market quickly by offering facilities and expertise that help reduce our clients' level of R&D risk and capital investment.
Taking advantage of our state of the art deposition, patterning and printing equipment leads to faster, more efficient development and production enabling clients to enter new markets quickly and with minimal risk. CPI can accelerate new product development by providing access to proven performance conducting, semiconductor, resistive materials and inks.
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