Activities Of TOYOBO Mainly Focusing On Stretchable Conductive Ink And Smart Textiles (Wearable USA 2016)

Mr Yasuaki Koseki, Manager - Corporate R&D Administration Department
Toyobo Co Ltd

Presentation Summary

TOYOBO has been developing new products based on the concept that innovative materials have enabled device revolution in the field of printed electronics. Dimensionally stable polyimide film XENOMAX®, PET film COSMOSHINE® US type, conductive inks including stretchable conductive ink and smart sensing textiles using stretchable ink should be introduced. Main focal point is smart sensing wear to measure physiological data such as ECG etc.

Speaker Biography (Yasuaki Koseki)

I received MS degree in the field of process engineering at Osaka University in 1985.
I have worked with TOYOBO CO., LTD. since 1985 and developed engineering plastic, flexographic printing plate, nano-composite, resin for optical film and so on.
I had a chance to study abroad on polymer alloy at University of Minnesota from 1995 to 1996. I experienced to work as sales person for high performance fiber in European and domestic market, leader of research planning & administration group, leader of polymer development group and leader of analytical center. I am now manager of corporate R&D administration department in HQ.

Company Profile (TOYOBO CO., LTD.)

Toyobo is composed of four major business units and based on the technology of modification, polymerization, processing and bio-science. The key focus is specifically functional polymers and materials business. Toyobo "Vylon" is the functional co-polyester resin created by advanced high-molecular weight polymerization technology and available for various applications in adhesive, coating and sealant industries etc.
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