Sensor Innovations For Ingestibles And Implantables (Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020)

Mrs Winny Tan, Business Development Manager
United States

Presentation Summary

Recent advances in nanoelectronics have made it possible to monitor health and offer treatment in an unobtrusive, continuous way. At the same time, large hospital equipment made way for small devices that can be worn, ingested and even implanted into the body. This presentation will discuss recent advancements in this field.

Speaker Biography (Winny Tan)

Winny is a Partnerships Manager for Imec, a nanoelectronics R&D institute in Belgium; with a focus on the Life Science, Medical Device and Healthcare segments. In her previous role, she spent 4 years consulting on business strategies for the market leaders in diagnostics. She enjoys roles that bring advanced technologies to market and successfully developed business plans to raise funding for spinouts from UCLA and Caltech in a start-up incubator based in Los Angeles. Winny received her Ph.D. from UCLA in which she conducted bio-microfluidics research.