Designing E-Textile Solutions For Smart Apparel (Wearable USA 2017)

Ms Megan Grant, Principal Creative Technologist
Superflex, Inc.
United States

Presentation Summary

Biometric sensors and body-friendly devices offer compelling use-cases for e-textiles and soft components that come with their own set of challenges. What are the most important problems to solve and which approaches are the most promising?

Speaker Biography (Megan Grant)

Trained in Fashion Design and working as a Creative Technologist, Meg specializes in the integration of electronics and textiles. She taught Smart Textiles and Fashion Technology at Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands and is part of the e-textiles open source community.
Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013 she has worked with engineers at TE Connectivity on Google's Project Jacquard and is currently Principal Creative Technologist at Superflex, a recent spin-out of SRI International's robotics program developing powered clothing.

Company Profile (Superflex, Inc.)

Superflex, Inc. logo
Superflex is developing a new category of Powered Clothing™:
lightweight, connected apparel with integrated electric "muscles" that gives the user intelligent wearable strength. Superflex enables everyone from seniors, athletes and gamers, to people with a wide range of physical disabilities to achieve their full physical potential.
Superflex technology was originally developed at SRI International for a DARPA-funded program to reduce injury risk and enhance soldier endurance. Recognizing its profound application beyond the military, Superflex spun out of SRI to explore the technology for a wide range of consumer applications.
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