Nanostructured Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2010)

Dr Robb Clarke, Auto-ID Research & Testing Center
Michigan State University
United States
Nov 16, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • New multifunctional nanoscale additives for polymers and their unique physical and chemical properties
  • Processing, 2D and 3D structuring, and properties of high performance thermoset and thermoplastic polymers
  • Applications for high capacity batteries, supercapacitors, solar cells, fuel cells and membranes

Speaker Biography (Robb Clarke)

Dr. Robb Clarke is an Associate Professor in Packaging at MSU. Prior to teaching, he had a 17-year industrial career. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on RFID and Packaging, Packaging Operations and Quality Issues, Material Handling and Distribution Packaging, and Supply Chain Issues.
He has a degree in Packaging, an M.B.A. in Marketing, a Ph.D. in Engineering Management, and a 2-year research position in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, England.
Dr. Clarke began research into RFID in 1997 and founded the MSU Auto-ID Testing Laboratory in 1999. The lab utilizes undergraduate and graduate students for independent testing and research projects involving Auto-ID technologies.

Company Profile (Michigan State University)

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The Michigan State University School of Packaging has 500 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students, including PhDs. We support the packaging industry by educating students who will advance the field in all industries, conducting research to solve packaging problems and develop new technologies, and providing education and training to the industry.
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