On-Board Energy Harvesting: Trials, Unique Operating Environments, and Materials Requirements for Flight-Vehicle Applications (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2010)

Dr Liam Pingree, Research Engineer
Boeing Research & Technology
United States
Nov 16, 2010.

Presentation Summary

  • Applications: Areas were energy harvesting would be beneficial
  • Environment: The potential energy sources
  • Systems: Harvesting devices which Boeing has examined over the past 5 years
  • Challenges: Materials and implementation hurdles for the adoption of energy harvesting

Speaker Biography (Liam Pingree)

Liam Pingree completed both his BS and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University (2002/2006), examining nanostructure of organic light emitting diodes using conductive atomic force microscopy techniques. He worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the University of Washington's Department of Chemistry studying organic photovoltaics using similar methods. He currently works at Boeing Research and Technology. His research areas are thin-film coatings and energy related materials.

Company Profile (Boeing)

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