Opportunities of Printed Electronics for Sport Products (Printed Electronics Europe 2012)

Mr Antoine Ravise, R&D Engineer
Apr 03, 2012.


DECATHLON SA presentation*

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Presentation Summary

  • Overview of Oxylane
  • Advantage/disadvantage of current technologies used in electronic sport products
  • Opportunities of Printed Electronics for sport products (new functionalities, user's & industry's requirements...)

Speaker Biography (Antoine Ravise)

Antoine Ravise is Innovation Manager in the brand 'Electronic Process' who designs all the electronic products of DECATHLON: technical watches, GPS devices, MP3 players, smart textile, heart rate monitors, lighting products, treadmill...
He has developed in 2009 a testing lab in France and in China in order to test prototypes, the production quality of electronic sport products and the new technologies which can be integrated into innovative concepts.
In 2011 he took the responsibility of R&D projects like the wearable product "Personal Coach", the world premiere electronic device compatible with 90% of tennis rackets, able to give speed of the ball and other statistics (number of backhands, forehands...) and who is connected to a watch and online service.
Today, he manages the innovation activity for electronics.
He actually works on the possibility to use Printed Electronics into new products concepts. He has a master degrees in Physics and Electronics from the University of Bordeaux, in France, and also degrees in sports coaching (fencing).

Company Profile (DECATHLON)

Oxylane brings together two different activities: creating international sports products, brands and creating local and on-line retail.
These two areas of expertise, along with all the brands, are united behind a common purpose: to create desirability and make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all.
Decathlon, the original chain created in 1976 near Lille, and the other local and on-line retail formats, sells Passion brand products, made with materials provided by our Component brands, and also the major international brands. Oxylane controls the whole of the product development chain: from Research & Development to the sales floor, including design, production and logistics.
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