Optically Transparent and Colorless Polyimide Hybrid Films with Different Inorganic Particles (Printed Electronics USA 2013)

Dr Jia-Ming Liu, General Director, CIS in ITRI
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Nov 21, 2013.


Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) (Dr Jia-Ming Liu) - Presentation*
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) (Dr Jia-Ming Liu) - Audio Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

A new approach to develop flexible inorganic/organic hybrid film with high inorganic loading is addressed. By this new approach, a new polyimide hybrid film with ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE, <10 ppm/℃) was prepared. The polyimide hybrid film was achieved with a variety of attractive properties such as high transmittance (within the wavelength range of 400 to 700 nm), excellent flexibility and high Young's modulus. Additionally, a transparent polyimide hybrid film with high dielectric constant was also been developed with the same approach in this progress report.

Speaker Biography (Jia-Ming Liu)

Jia-Ming Liu received his Ph. D. degree in Organic Chemistry from National Tsing Hwa University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 1989. He joined ITRI in 1989 and has been working on the development projects of display materials, OLED materials and flexible display materials. He is now the General Director of Commercialization and Industry Service Center (CIS) in ITRI and also the CEO of Taiwan Flat Panel Display Materials & Devices Association(TDMDA).

Company Profile (Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI))

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