OPV Transfer From Lab To Million Square Meters (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Mr Damien Hau, Industrial & Research & Development Manager


Europe 2019 (pdf) Presentation - IDTechEx*
Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

The main challenge for OPV production is to achieve a high process yield when the technology come from lab scale 0,1 cm² to reach > 1000 cm²
The efficiency of OPV during this last years has a huge increase with totally different chemical nature (non fullerene) and highly potential donors polymers. The academic publications reach today 17% of PCE.
Armor could observe from lab cell to wide format module a loss close to 50% of the efficiency. I will present the different losses from different OPV structures with potential link due to environment (oxygen, light, humidity) and process conditions.

Speaker Biography (Damien Hau)

Damien HAU is the R&D and industrial Manager in Armor for the OPV activity. He studied organic chemistry and formulation and worked in different industry sectors (cement, paint, inks, coating) before to join Armor in 2016.

Company Profile (Armor)

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ARMOR offers primed Al/Cu foils to battery and ultracapacitor manufacturers. ARMOR is an intermediate-size industrial company ($300M revenues, 12 manufacturing facilities worldwide), specialist in high precision coating: 1.3 Billion sqm produced annually. Leveraging on 90 years' experience in formulation, coating technologies and raw materials characterization, ARMOR has developped En' Safe® a range of primed Al/Cu foils adding value to batteries by optimizing the interface between the cathode/anode and the metal foils.
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