Organic Photo-Detectors, a Ready-to-Fly Technology for Advertising, Promotion and Multimedia Industries (Printed Electronics Europe 2012)

Mr Laurent Jamet, ISORG Co-Founder, Director Business Development
Apr 04, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

. ISORG company presentation
. A technology which transforms plastic, paper and glass into smart and interactive surfaces
. Enabling breakthrough user interfaces for 3D and contactless navigation
. Applications for Advertising, Promotion, Multimedia industries

Speaker Biography (Laurent Jamet)

Laurent Jamet is co-founder and business development director of ISORG.
He has been involved in the organic electronics industry in his previous positions of business development director for smart textiles in Sofileta (2007 - 2010), leading the Smart Textiles working group of the Organic Electronics Association.
Held different positions in the semiconductor industry in STMicroelectronics (1990 - 2007) in design, marketing, business development, new technology development for consumer and industry markets (computer, automotive, wireless), in particular for Nokia.

Company Profile (ISORG)

ISORG logo
ISORG is the pioneering company in organic and printed electronics devices for large‐area photonics and image sensors, developing a disruptive technology converting plastic, paper and glass surfaces into smart surfaces.
ISORG is a start‐up company of CEA‐LITEN, based in Grenoble (France). ISORG offers a new generation of high performance, thin and flexible electronic sensors with 3D product integration capability for a large range of markets (industry, consumer electronics, environment, medical and security)
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