Ovulation Tracking Fertility - This Data Will Change Your Life, Forever! (Wearable Europe 2017)

Mr Michael Vardi, Founder and CEO
Tempdrop Ltd.


Europe 2017 Presentation - Tempdrop Ltd.*

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Company Profile (Tempdrop)

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Founded by Michael Vardi in March 2014, Tempdrop will officially launch with its first shipment in April 2017.Tempdrop is a fertility tracking wearable with unprecedented accuracy. A personalized user-specific thermometer that learns how each woman's minute, daily temperature variations correlate with her specific hormonal fluctuations throughout the ovulatory cycle, Tempdrop can identify recurring temperature patterns up to 5 days before ovulation with pioneering precision. In honor of the ancient symbol of fertility, Tempdrop is a small paisley-shaped sensor worn around the upper arm with a washable lingerie band. Priced at $120, Tempdrop is one of the most affordable options on the market in addition to the most comfortable.
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