p-type TCO thin films by sol-gel processing (Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics Europe 2010)

Dr Peer Loebmann, Senior Scientist
Fraunhofer ISC, Germany
Apr 14, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • Basic strategy for film preparation
  • Compositions and dopants
  • Film properties and optimization

Speaker Biography (Peer Loebmann)

Dr. Peer Löbmann studied Chemistry in Würzburg and Albany, NY, before promoting at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research in the field of sol-gel Chemistry. His thesis deals with bio-mineralization and biologically inspired material synthesis. Since then, he has been doing applied research at the Fraunhofer ISC and teaches at the Würzburg University.

Company Profile (Fraunhofer ISC)

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Inside and on top material solutions by Fraunhofer ISC: industry-oriented technology package including profound analytics, materials development and processing as well as modern technology for upscaling and upgrading. We provide novel materials based on a wide range of functional coatings, inorganic materials, hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®s), nanoparticles, composites and smart materials that can be functionalized according to customer demands.
We present wearable textile sensors, barrier films for flexible, printed electronics and OPV, material solutions for microoptics and electronics, adaptronic materials for actuators and energy harvesting, materials and components for thin flexible batteries, and 3D printing technologies on nano and micro scale.
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