Passive to Active RFID Networking (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Dr Robb Clarke, Assistant Professor
Michigan State University, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • A Look at Active and Passive Systems
  • Compatibility Issues With a Complex Read Environment
  • Resolution Versus Range, Active Tag Solutions
  • Passive and Active Applications
  • Future Research Issues for Active RFID and Sensory Networks

Speaker Biography

Dr. Robb Clarke developed and teaches a course on RFID Applications in Packaging, among others. Prior to teaching, Dr. Clarke had a 17-year industrial career.
He has degrees in Packaging, Marketing, Engineering Management, and a Willett Scholar research position at the University of Oxford in Engineering Science.
At Michigan State, his primary research area is RFID for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and handling, and retail applications. Dr. Clarke began research into RFID in 1997 and established the MSU Auto-ID Test Laboratory in 1999.
Dr. Clarke's background and research in RFID has resulted in extensive worldwide speaking engagements as well as numerous presentations and publications.

Company Profile

MSU was the first university to create a Packaging undergraduate degree, in 1952, and the first to offer a PhD in Packaging, in 1996. Since its beginning, the MSU School of Packaging has conferred over 6,000 Bachelor of Science degrees and 200 Master's degrees. Today, we have about 550 undergraduates, 100 Master's and 25 PhD students. One of the newest research areas is radio frequency identification (RFID), with the Automatic ID laboratory development in 1999. To date, about 10 conferred Masters of Science degrees have concentrated on this subject.