Pharmaceutical Pedigree Law (RFID Smart Labels USA 2006)

Dr In Ki Mun, Director
Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, United States


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Presentation Summary

The Florida pedigree law will be effective from July 1, 2006. At this time, there are still many issues to be resolved before a complete rules and regulations can be written. This presentation will discuss some of the difficulties facing in writing a pedigree law which can improve patient safety.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Mun has been working in healthcare since 1982. He spend two years at a pharmaceutical company, 18 years as a neuro-radiology faculty at Columbia University Medical School and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, NY, NY and seven years as the director of research at for-profit hospitals like Miami Heart Institute and Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. He has extensive research and development experiences in 1.5T & 3T MRI, PACS, HIS, CT, Ultra-high field MRI, PET, cvMRI, Ultrasound, CT-in-OR, digital X-ray.and applications in neurosurgery.
Since late 2000, he has been interested in automatic identification technology including barcode and RFID, to improve patient safety and hospital workflow management due to many difficult issues with using barcode for patient safety applications. He has been working with AutoID lab at MIT since 2003 to understand the advantages and disadvantages of RFID for patient safety and became the director of hospital research of Healthcare Research Initiative at MIT, leading the research and development to improve patient safety using RFID.
He has over 100 publications and presentations in chemistry, computer assisted drug design, radiology, cardiology neurosurgery, high temperature super conductors, RF coils, functional imaging, MRI, CT, PACS, PET and RFID.

Company Profile

Aventura Hospital and Medical Center is a 407-bed, acute, medical /surgical facility, providing award-winning quality care and services including inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and surgical services to the South Florida community since 1965.
The only hospital located in Aventura, Florida, Aventura Hospital and Medical Center is located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale and strategically situated to serve both southeast Broward and northeast Miami-Dade counties. Staffed by more than 750 physicians representing 56 specialties and 1,100 healthcare professionals, Aventura Hospital and Medical Center meets the healthcare needs of its neighboring communities through continuous program enhancement and service excellence.